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At Owens Elementary School, we encourage students to be present 100% of the time.  When absences do occur, parents should send a note in a timely manner stating why their child was absent and indicate the date(s) the child was absent.

Feel free to use the Owens Elementary School Absence form to communicate the reason for your child's absence.

Absences are considered excused for the following reasons:

1. Illness of the student: The parent must send a note stating their child was sick. There is a limit of 10 days per school year for parent notes.

2. Medical or dental: Documentation required from the doctor/dentist's office. Faxed excuses are accepted at (256) 233-8025. Follow up with your child's teacher to make sure we have received the excuse.

3. Death in the family: Parents must send a note.

4. Quarantine: By order of the Limestone County Health Department - attach documentation.

5. Religious holidays: Prior approval by the principal is required.

6. Court summons: Proper documentation must be attached to the parent note.

7. Principal approved absence: Approval from the principal must be obtained before the absence.

Examples of Unexcused Absences (but not limited to these examples):

            Not sending a note

            Just sending a note stating the student was not at school without a reason


            Car would not start

            Missed the bus

            Alarm did not go off

            Other sibling was sick