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Wednesday, March 03, 2010
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Test Taking Tips


•·        Go to bed early and get a good night's sleep

•·        Eat a good breakfast

•·        Get to school on time

•·        Listen carefully to directions

•·        Read directions carefully

•·        Read each question carefully

•·        Read all answer choices

•·        Eliminate the choices that you know are wrong, then try the rest to see which one makes the most sense

•·        Answer the easiest questions first then go back to the ones you skipped

•·        When you finish check your work

•·        Don't change your answers unless you absolutely know you have chosen the wrong answer

•·        If you don't know an answer, guess

•·        Don't spend too much time on one question

•·        Keep your eyes on your own paper

•·        If you must erase, erase completely but don't dig a hole in the paper

•·        Wear comfortable clothing

•·        Relax and do your best

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