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Owens Elementary School Library

Readers today!  Leaders tomorrow!
Readers today! Leaders tomorrow!

Welcome to the Owens Elementary School Library Homepage! 


 Click on our online card catalog:



We are excited to announce that we have over 150 eBooks from Capstone Interactive! 

One way to access them FROM HOME:  

1.  Go to:  DESTINY

2. Click on "Owens Elementary School," and, next, click on the "Catalog" tab.

3.   Click on the "Visual" tab...right-hand side of screen.

          4.   The next screen will show about 10 icons. Click on"Capstone ebooks."

5.   Click on the question mark icon.

6.   The list of eBooks will be the next screen. Students can click on whatever title they want. The last step is to click on the BLUE link that says "Read the Capstone Interactive eBook Now!" The book will then appear.